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Crystal Therapy Grid Kits




For centuries humankind has placed stones in specific sacred geometry formations to create a mystical space for spiritual focus and to amplify prayers.

Honoring that tradition Judith was guided to created Crystal Therapy™ Grid Kits She personally selects the high-energy crystals, along with the one-of-a-kind vintage Indian silk travel bags. 

Each kit contains an affirmation card,details for stone placement along with powerful blessings from the mineral kingdom and angelic realm.  

Grid Kit
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8 Quartz
3 Citrine
Addiction Free
13 Amethyst
9 Quartz
Angelic Communication
9 Quartz
2 Angelite
6 Labradorite
11 Rutilated Quartz
3 Lapis
12 Quartz
7 Quartz
11 Carnelian
8 Rose Quartz
4 Aventurine
2 Moonstone
2 Hematite
6 Moonstone
9 Quartz
6 Rose Quartz
12 Amethyst
Home Blessing
4 Angelite
12 Clear Quartz



9 Fluorite
1 Quartz
Life Purpose/Career
1 Quartz Cluster
12 Black Tourmaline
12 Citrine
12 Quartz
10 Rose Quartz
1 Heart
6 Tiger's Eye
6 Quartz
5 Quartz
12 Black Obsidian
4 Rose Quartz
1 Hematite
5 Tourmalated Quartz
4 Quartz
World Peace
24 Quartz
1 Azurite & Malachite

Chakra Stones Crystal
Therapy™ Kits

Cost: $22.00
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These amazing toolkits are filled with unique stones to help you balance, harmonize and optimize your individual energy centers.

Each kit contains: seven hand-selected stones and a beautiful affirmation card along with blessings from the mineral kingdom and angelic realm.

Precious gifts from Mother Earth these stones are perfect for personal use or for distance healing in your holistic practice.

Stones include: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine and Hematite. | T:949.487.0302

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